About Muskie-Fishing.ca

Simply put, muskie-fishing.ca is a tribute to the greatest of Canada's freshwater predators, the fierce Muskellunge (esox masquinongy). Once you experience the thrill of pitting yourself against these freshwater behemoths you will be hooked for life.

Muskie fishing is one of the most exciting and challenging catches out there. You never know if you're going to experience a relaxing day of fishing or set a new world record!

The muskellunge is highly prized as a game fish because of its large size and the fierceness of its indomitable fighting spirit. A true testament of nature's fury. Because of these qualities, to land one of these monsters requires the use of heavy casting tackle. Typically muskellunge can reach weights of over 50 pounds (22 kg). Though rare, muskie exceeding 60 pounds (27.2 kg) still roam the waters. And according to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources "Less than one per cent of the world's fresh water holds the mighty muskellunge and much of that water is in Ontario."

So for your great muskie fishing experience come on an Ontario fishing adventure with a guided excursion by world class muskie angler Martin Williamson.

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