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Martin Williamson Big Muskie In The News. When Martin caught that Goliath of a Muskie, many took note. See below for some of the leading industry news sources that had the story of the second largest muskie ever caught in Canada by 35 year fishing veteran, Martin Wiliamson.

Monster Muskie Madness - Toronto Angler Martin Williamson successfully landed the second-largest muskie ever caught in Canada. By: Alex Moore. Publication: The Fishing News. Issue: Jan 15 2001 - March 15 2001.

Georgian Bay Produces Histories Eight 60-Pounder - An extremely historical event took place on Sunday November 26, 2000. By Larry Ramsel. Publication: Musky Hunter. Issue: April/May 2001.

Reality Bites - By Steve Wickens. Pubication: Muskies Canada - A supplement of the Release Journal. Issue Mar - Apr 2001.

Down By The Bay - I knew it was huge the moment it hit. By: John Power. Publication: The Fishing News. Issue: Jan 15 2001 - March 15 2001.

Big Muskie - Thank You Letter - A letter to Martin Williamson from Dr. John Casselman, a Ministry of Natural Resources researcher and a world authority on pike and muskie. Date: February 2, 2001.

World Record Muskie In The News. Articles about catching world record muskellunge fish, muskellunge angling and muskie fishing tips.

Finding The Next World Record Muskie - An interview with John Casselman by Blair Dawson (note link goes off site)

Help Manage our Muskellunge Resource - From Ontario Ministry Of Natural Resources.

Fall muskie tactics - By Gord Ellis and Bruce Ranta

Muskie top to bottom - By Burt Myers and Lonnie King

World Record Muskellunge :: World Record Muskie. This is The Second Largest Muskie Ever Caught in Canada. Read Story »